She’s Electric. She has a family full of Electrics

Maxus’s current Electric Vehicle range is engineered to keep your business on the road for longer.

All models are designed with zero emissions technology together with advanced electric power systems, providing greener power and in return, reducing environmental impacts.

Fleet drivers will love the much-lauded EV80; the first of a new generation of cleaner, alternative fuel vehicles, ideal for both city driving and short journeys, with the first of Maxus’s zero-emissions models boasting a 120-mile range on a single charge.

Zero Emissions. Reduced Running Costs

As fuel costs rise and global warming worries cause the world to look for ways to replace fossil fuels, many manufacturers are planning for an electric van future.

The difference between those companies and Maxus is that our electric van is already here. The most impressive part of this new electric vehicle is that it looks, works and feels just like our current V80 panel van and comes in the same three variants. Until you start it and drive it that is. The electric power train delivers power to the wheels quicker and more efficiently than a diesel engine ever could. This makes it not only cost efficient but also fun to drive and gives it greater pulling power.

A 3,500kg panel van, crew variant, minibus and chassis cab are all available.

120 miles on a single charge. Fully Charged in only 2 Hours.

The EV80 will do 120 miles on a single charge and will fast charge to 80% in an hour and a half, meaning you can charge the van while you carry out your work or load and unload the cargo. The only feature of this van that is more impressive than the range and charging rate of our new electric van is the vast running cost saving over a diesel equivalent that we know our customers are going to love. An optional AC slow charger is available for any slow charge requirements.

A sophisticated electric power system, high-capacity lithium ion phosphate battery, permanent magnet synchronous electric motor and intelligent electric motor controller give you high-efficiency and steady power output. Digital intelligent continuously variable transmission (CVT) Intelligent switching between the three power modes leads to a seamless speed change and gives an exceedingly smooth driving experience. EPB Electric park brake make the parking operation convenient and reliable, and helps prolong park brake parts’ service life. Fast charges on a DC charger.

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