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Trust is the foundation on which Maxus’s success has been built. Trust is built on consistency and our customers trust us to deliver on quality, safety, specification and price, every time.


We are nothing if not ambitious and Maxus’s impressive line-up of vehicles together with our plans for the future are a testament to the scale of our ambition.


Maxus is the name for high quality vehicles that offer a range of options to suit every delivery need. And Now, with a newly launched series of light commercial electric vehicles from which to choose, with Maxus you can future proof your fleet whilst relegating hefty congestion charges, road fund licence and carbon emissions to the past.

Innovation is at the forefront of Maxus, the future means state of the art technology across all models. Our focus is firmly on the future with an emphasis on alternative fuels such as EV, Hybrid and Hydrogen.


SAIC, the name behind Maxus is the largest automotive company in China. Based in Shanghai, SAIC produces almost seven million vehicles each year for both domestic and international markets and is a Fortune Global 500 listed company with almost 100,000 employees.

The company has a number of well known brands within it’s portfolio including, since 2010 the acclaimed Maxus range of Maxus’s.

By 2020 SAIC will have invested more than two billion in Maxus, with a strong focus on safety, innovation and the introduction of new products to the range, including a suite of EV’s that are already setting the standard for the future of eco-fuelled commercial motoring.